Volume 17:1


Catastrophe, Complacency or Courage?
Herta von Stiegel

Christian Responses to Poverty in India
Ranjeet Guptara

Je suis . . .
Phil Jump

The Theology of Work Project
William Messenger

Faith in Business: The Faith and Football Enterprise Challenge
Michael Scott

The Living Wage making sense for business and the common good
Richard Weaver

Fully and Gloriously Alive: Virtuous Human Development
Peter Heslam and Eric Wood


A bank with a Christian ethos: Richard Higginson interviews Alexander Hoare of C. Hoare & Co


The Mountain Within
Herta von Stiegel
with Gina Smith

Humanising Work: Co-operatives, credit unions and the challenge of mass unemployment
Chris Beales




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In this issue...

.. we introduce our new layout and logo. We hope you like the style. We are grateful to our designer Brett Jordan for the vision and energy he has put into this.
We begin with the Hugh Kay lecture, Catastrophe, Complacency or Courage? given by Herta von Stiegel. The responses of the captains of the Titanic, Californian and Carpathian on 14th-15th April 1912 offer very challenging leadership lessons.
Ranjeet Guptara explores over 300 years of Christians alleviating poverty in India, starting with Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg, William Carey, and Dr. Ida Scudder, and continuing in recent initiatives.
William Messenger gives us an overview of the Theology of Work Project, an original and welcome commentary on all 66 books of the bible as they apply to work.
Michael Scott introduces us to Faith and Football, which organises community football leagues and mentoring for inner-city children. It has created Enterprise Challenge which runs competitions to create viable start-up businesses. This is an inspiring account of creative Christian engagement, bringing together business, schools and churches.
Richard Higginson interviews Alexander Hoare, former Chief Executive of C. Hoare & Co, a bank with a Christian ethos which survived the 2008 crisis by avoiding mis-selling complex products and other bad practices.
Richard Weaver explains the need for the Living Wage, and outlines the benefits a commitment to it has brought to several well-known companies. He gives Christians practical steps to support the campaign.
We include reviews of two books: David Henderson considers The Mountain Within, by Herta von Stiegel, with hard-won lessons for business leaders from two mount Kilimanjaro expeditions; and John Weaver looks at Humanising Work, by Chris Beales, which features the Mondragon Co-operative in Spain.
Finally, our regular contributors Phil Jump and Peter Heslam are as challenging as ever. Under the title Je suis, Phil reflects on the killing of journalists in Paris and the arguments surrounding freedom of expression. Peter with Eric Wood considers the progress made towards the Millennium Development Goals and looks forward to the challenge of Sustainable Development Goals.
Finally, we are sorry to report that Sally Orwin Lee has stepped down from being editor. We have enjoyed working with her, and thank her for the wisdom and inspiration that she brought to the editorial board. We wish her well in her continuing work.
The Editors

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