Volume 17:4


Mining in Partnership: An Empowerment Agenda
Esther Reed

In Search of Diamonds: Report on a Visit to South Africa
Richard Higginson

Jesus on Inequality
Clive and Cara Beed

The marketing Value Proposition: The ‘Golden Rule’ in action
Bill Westwood

Swindler’s List
Michael Cafferky

A response to David Parish on Corporate Social Responsibility
Gary Cundill

ReFraming Failure: Lessons from a Post-Modern Clapham Sect
Rebecca Pousette

Steve Jobs
Peter Heslam


The Big Short
Director Adam McKay


Christ-Centered Generosity: Global Perspectives on the Biblical Call to a Generous Life
R Scott Rodin




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In this issue...

.. Extracting the earth’s resources has always been, remains and will continue to be one of the world’s major industries. It has a reputation for exploiting both the environment and those who work in it. ‘Mining in Partnership: An Empowerment Agenda’ offers a better way, and Esther Reed challenges mining companies by analysing the Bible’s prophetic call, ancient and modern, to their industry. On the same subject Richard Higginson reports on a group visit to a South African diamond mine, where he saw first-hand how the industry seeks to present itself as committed to empowerment, social justice and the environment. Progress – but still a long way to go. Nobody thinks that mining is the only industry under suspicion. Michael Hodson reviews ‘The Big Short’, a film made in 2010 about the financial whizzkids who, along with besuited bankers, precipitated The Great Recession. There is nothing dated in the film which makes it irrelevant in 2016: it illuminates our present financial woes. Cars are another industry under the spotlight. Michael Cafferky unpicks the shameful activities of General Motors and VW – and how many others – in the car industry. How can Christians impact companies that either enrich or ruin our globalised economies? Clive and Cara Beed investigate what Jesus would say about the income and asset inequalities that are so apparent. Bill Westwood continues these thoughts by proposing that companies adopt The Value Proposition, essentially the Golden Rule in action. The dialogue on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) continues with a response by Gary Cundill to David Parish’s article in the last issue of FiBQ. Jim Wright reviews a challenging collection of essays on Christ-centred generosity, and Rebecca Pousette tells us about a course for Christians which has 9,000 participants in 30 countries studying a holistic approach which sees our working lives as a vocation. Lastly, Peter Heslam reviews the film ‘Steve Jobs’, which illustrates how Apple’s founder anticipated people’s needs and wants before they knew they had them, an insight so deep that it resonates with God’s own purposes for humanity. Finally, we are very pleased to welcome our new editor Anthony Harrop. Anthony spent four decades working with the Bible Society movement, based mostly in Asia. His career in sales, marketing and publishing includes an MBA from MIT. Now retired and living in Reading, he continues to be active in local church ministry, with a global interest in missions as a consultant and Board trustee.

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