Volume 12:2

The Financial Crisis and the Crisis of Conscience
Michael Smith
Financial Crisis and
The Faith:
where is God in all this?

John Lovatt
Accountable Aid –
Not Just Talk

Sheryl Haw
Discerning the heart
of the organisation:
Using a biblical approach to
increase organisational awareness

Chris Bemrose
Three Leadership Paradoxes
Joshua Rey
Entrepreneurship: Spreading the Spirit of Enterprise

Peter S Heslam


God at Work: The History and Promise of the Faith at Work Movement
David W. Miller
Get A Life:Winning Choices for Working People
Paul Valler




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In this issue we respond, not surprisingly, to the current financial crisis. Journalist Michael Smith documents the self-inflicted wounds of capitalism and suggests that help can be found by attending to what Adam Smith, the so-called father of capitalism, really said. John Lovatt weighs in with a theological contribution which advocates Christ-like banking and shows what it might look like. Peter Heslam emphasises the ongoing importance, especially during an economic downturn, of entrepeneurship - the subject of the springtime conference at Ridley Hall.

Over the last year CABE has run a series of lively Network Papers at the Hoop & Grapes in Farringdon. Following the publication of Herta von Stiegel’s paper on Nehemiah and leadership in the last issue, we are delighted to publish two more in the series. Sheryl Haw explains the accountability deficit in the work of humanitarian aid agencies, and shows how a new Standard she has helped to develop is changing the situation. Joshua Rey draws from his varied experience in propounding three intriguing paradoxes. If you want to understand how, for example, leadership is responsible but has to be exercised irresponsibly, turn to p.27.

Chris Bemrose, a frequent contributor to FiBQ, offers some very thoughtful insights about using the Bible in an imaginative way to increase organisational awareness. We also offer reviews of two important books in the ‘faith and work’ area which have been published recently: David Miller’s God at Work and Paul Valler’s Get a Life.

Several readers commented on the improvement in the sharpness of the pictures in the last issue, 12:1. Our new printers, Rowtype, deserve credit for this. It is only fair to say that some problems we’d had with the previous printers (including faulty pagination; we apologise to any readers who received issues with pages in the wrong order) contributed to the change. Nevertheless, we do want to pay tribute and say thank you to Crossprint, the printers with whom FiBQ worked in partnership for its first 11 years.

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