Volume 13:3

Mining God's Way
Terry Garde
Design for Life
John Lee
Chaplaincy in the Global Market Place
Fiona Stewart-Darling
Profit vs Prophet:
Making money and making a difference:are they opposed?
Jonathan Evens
Boss Christians: Entrepreneurs in Asia's Spiritual and Economic Awakening
Peter Heslam


Working without Wilting
Jago Wynne
Christian Theology and Market Economics
Harper and Gregg (eds)
The Relational Manager
Michael Schluter & D J Lee
Islamic Banking and Finance
Tarek EI Diwany (ed)




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Following on from the article on �All Things� by our Co-editor John Lovatt in the previous issue, we continue to consider what it means to work as a Christian at the point where faith is active in very practical spheres of business and industry.

Fiona Stewart-Darling is the bishop�s chaplain at Canary Wharf and she writes honestly about working to build relationships with a view to demonstrating the love of Christ within the global companies who have their offices within its glass towers. Jonathan Evens picks up on the ongoing inter-faith work within the City in a review of a seminar entitled �Profit vs Prophet� organised in September by Faiths in London�s Economy (FiLE).

Manchester-based architect John Lee takes a fascinating look at spatial awareness as a key facet of our created character. John shows how the narrative of God�s salvation plan from Eden to the new heavens and the new earth can inform the process of designing and organising earthly space for the good of people now in the between-times.

Terry Garde has worked in the mining industry for 30 years and writes in depth on the challenges of maintaining Christian integrity in this tough industry in which corruption and abuse are rife. Terry addresses the complexity of balancing the economic, social and political factors in his model �Mining God�s Way�. He ends his article on a hopeful note with a reminder that the character and nature of Jesus himself inform a set of ethical principles which are driving the mining industry into a better future.

In the light of recent assessment of progress towards meeting the Millenium Development Goals, regular contributor Peter Heslam highlights the role of �Boss Christians� in playing a decisive role in both the economic and spiritual awakening of Asia. Evidence, again, that Christian entrepreneurship across the globe is shaping new ways of creating wealth with the long-term goal of eliminating poverty.

Book reviews in this issue include Eve Poole on the collection of papers brought together in Christian Theology and Market Economics, Tim Harle on The Relational Manager and Sally Orwin�s review of Jago Wynne�s Working without Wilting: all providing reflection on the ongoing positive impact of Christian thinking in business.

Finally, we have introduced a further editorial comment to FiBQ in the form of the Endpiece which in this issue is written by economist Michael Hodson, a member of the Steering Group. From what has been written Michael identifies questions and issues he believes worthy of further exploration. We hope you will enjoy reflecting on his comment, and do write to us to keep the debate moving on.

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