Volume 14:1


Justice and trust when organisations downsize: lessons from a doctoral thesis
Peter Curran
What is work for?
Peter Sellick
Sage Advice for Christian Leaders from Saint Benedict and Kouzes & Posner
William I. Sauser, Jr
A Winter�s Tale and an Arab Spring:Observations on the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) Uprisings
Peter Heslam


The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better
R. Wilkinson and K. Pickett
Defining Moments: Navigating through Business and Organisational life. Effective Christian Leaders in the Global Workplace.
Peter Shaw
The Church on Capitalism: Theology and the Market
Eve Poole
Christian Ethics in a Technological Age
Brian Brock




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In this issue we publish three substantial articles of contrasting styles. We believe that each warrants careful attention and imaginative application.

American academic and lay pastor William Sauser juxtaposes The Rule of St Benedict and modern leadership theorists Kouzes� and Posner�s The Leadership Challenge. Although these two works might seem to occupy different worlds, Sauser systematically shows how they are united by five common themes: model the way; inspire a shared vision; challenge the process; enable others to act; encourage the heart. In fact, Kouzes and Posner even have a thing or two to learn from St Benedict!

Peter Curran draws both on doctoral research and his experience of working in HR for a major multi-national company in �Justice and trust when organisations downsize�. Companies still have difficulty in dealing with this persistent issue without provoking resentment and feelings of betrayal and injustice. Peter believes that clear leadership, good communication, consistently implemented processes and sensitive treatment � all topics on which Christians have something to say � can make a difference.

Industrial chaplain Peter Sellick is immersed in fascinating research on the way artists have portrayed people at work. The underlying question provoked for him by these paintings is �What is work for?� Peter reflects on theological themes in a suggestive and allusive way, throwing up many interesting questions for readers to follow up. We hope, too, that you like the paintings!
A third Peter � our regular contributor Peter Heslam � weighs in with some topical thoughts on developments in the Middle East and North Africa. We also include four book reviews: James Allcock making interesting observations about Peter Shaw�s two latest books in the light of his own career; PhD student Stuart Weir introducing the book that has emerged from Eve Poole�s successfully completed PhD, The Church on Capitalism; and Hugh Kay lecturer Chris Stephens commending a secular book which has attracted much public attention, The Spirit Level. Richard Higginson concludes with a review of Brian Book�s critical look at technology.

We are very pleased to welcome a new editor, Fiona Stewart-Darling, who replaces David Driscoll. Fiona introduced herself to readers in FiBQ 13:3 with her piece on Chaplaincy in the Global Market Place. She is the Bishop�s Chaplain in the Docklands to the International financial Business Community as well as to other business sectors in Canary Wharf. She has been a chaplain for 17 years; the latter 7 in her present role enables her to bring another perspective on the role of work and work practices in the life of businesses and individuals.begin with Chris Stephens' Hugh Kay Memorial Lecture on Pay, Poverty, Inequality. As the Chairman of Traidcraft he has had the serious ethical dilemmas of sitting on award committees where the top pay award varied from £750k to £240k to an average of £35k. He came away 'comfortable' with each decision but preparing for the lecture made him increasingly uncomfortable. We follow his thinking as he explores the challenges from a Christian perspective, and at the end wonder whether next year his contributions to the pay award processes will be rather different.

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