Volume 14:3


Arab Spring, Bribery, Business and Faith
John Lovatt
Jesus� Teachings on Governance and Their Implications for Modern Business
Clive and Cara Beed
Good Fruit
Anthony Ogunbowale-Thomas
Shared-Bread Companies: reclaiming community and creativity as the backbones of business life
Eduardo Sasso
Leadership by Example: John Stott and the Integrated Life
Matthew Smith


Sally Orwin profiles Phil Schluter


Crisis and Recovery: Ethics, Economics and Justice
Rowan Williams and Larry Elliott
Beyond Business
John Browne




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In this issue a very personal experience of the Arab Spring is our opening article. John Lovatt witnessed the early days of this phenomenon in Egypt, and its impact on business. He looks at why bribery suddenly disappeared, and the role of Faith (theirs and ours) in Egyptian business.

A radical and disturbing thesis by Clive and Cara Beed, echoed to some extent by Eduardo Sasso, forms a major part of this issue. St. Matthew�s gospel appears to state that hierarchical government is not according to Jesus� requirements - whether in the churches or in business. Is there a difference between hierachy and authority? How can they live together, if at all, in a Christian context? Clive and Cara produce a closely argued biblical analysis. Eduardo speaks from his personal experience in Costa Rica. Let us know what you think.

One man who did great things to bring daily life and work to the forefront in Christian thinking, including the founding of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, was John Stott. He died on 27th July, aged 90. We have a tribute to him here from Matthew Smith, who spent three years with him as study assistant. Hierarchy also appears as an unwelcome word in Matthew�s story of him. When someone told John they felt called to �the ministry�, he would try to look innocent, and then ask, �what ministry are you talking about?�

Continuing our policy of including personal interviews with Christian business people, Sally Orwin has been talking to Phil Schluter, who runs Schluter Coffee, buying coffee from Africa. The good which Christian entrepreneurs can do in technical as well as pastoral matters is obvious from this interview - grading coffees from different parts of Burundi has resulted in a major improvement in farmer income, and endorsement from the government there.

Anthony Ogunbowale-Thomas outlines a new initiative in encouraging young Christian entrepreneurs, whereby mentors and finance are found, leading to Good Fruit.

We have two book reviews this time. The Archbishop of Canterbury is President of the Industrial Christian Fellowship, and so it is good to see that he has ventured into economics. However, Eve Poole reviews Ethics, Economics and Justice, co-edited by him, with a little disappointment. On the other hand, James Allcock is enthusiastic about John Browne�s biographical Beyond Business, coming as they both do from the energy industry.

Changing times and crises bring new thinking, and we hope you will enjoy this issue for its refreshing look at what is happening in the world of faith and business.

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