Volume 14:4


Building Tall:From Babel to Burj Khalifa
Richard Higginson
New world - new partners?
Phil Jump
Dealing with Corruption in Malaysia:A Biblical Framework
Mark Lovatt
Prayer Works
Beverley Shepherd
Microfinance � Commercial or Social?
Tom Sanderson
The Quaker Tapestry

Belief in Enterprise: Christian Entrepreneurs in the Global Economy
Peter Heslam and Eric Wood


Civilization: the West and the Rest
Niall Ferguson
Beyond the Corporation: Humanity Working
David Erdal
Work: A Kingdom perspective on Labor
Jesus and Money: A guide for times of Financial Crisis
both by Ben Witherington III
Taking your Soul to Work: Overcoming the 9 Deadly Sins of the Workplace
R.Paul Stevens & Alvin Ung




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In this issue Richard Higginson muses on the spate of super-tall buildings he encountered on recent trips to China. With Dubai and Saudi Arabia reaching even higher, he finds interesting parallels both with the ancient story of the Tower of Babel and the building of medieval cathedrals. He offers a constructive critique of this contemporary architectural trend.

Our major article is by Mark Lovatt. He offers a profound personal reflection on his experience of corruption in Malaysia and involvement in an anti-corruption NGO. He draws on biblical teaching about sin to understand the deeply endemic nature of corruption and the spiritual battle involved in fighting it � a sobering but overall encouraging story.

That �prayer works� is the confident testimony of Beverley Shepherd, who introduces the new initiative of that name at LICC. Phil Jump, the new chair of ICF, offers his thoughts on the role of faith communities in today�s tough economic climate.

Once considered the best hope for the world�s poor, microfinance has recently come in for some searching criticism. Tom Sanderson, Director of Five Talents, the Anglican micro-finance initiative, provides a balanced assessment and shows how Christians can lead the way in seeking both social and commercial goals. Peter Heslam and Eric Wood share news of Belief in Enterprise, an exciting research project into Christian entrepreneurs in developing countries.

This issue is rich in reviews. Three of our regular reviewers, Eve Poole, Peter Warburton and Sally Orwin cast their eye over important books, while we are glad to welcome a new reviewer in Christopher Bunce, who surveys Ben Witherington�s two recent offerings, Work and Jesus and Money.

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