Volume 15:4


What Future for the Christian Book Trade?
Steve Mitchell
Work And Money In Ecclesiastes
Richard Higginson
Mrs Thatcher�s Children
Phil Jump
On Becoming a Prophet
Michael E. Cafferky
Justin Welby: Archbishop for Financial Times
Peter Heslam and Ranjeet Guptara


Anthony King


Work Matters: lessons from Scripture
R. Paul Stevens
Every Good Endeavour: Connecting Your work to God�s Plan for the World
Timothy Keller (with Katherine Leary Alsdorf)
The Spirit of Project Management
Judi Neal and Alan Harpham




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In this issue we open with the announcement that FiBQ readers will in future have the option to read the journal electronically as well as having access to the printed copy. We look forward to hearing from our readers on this.

This leads us into an article by Steve Mitchell. Steve draws on his long experience in the Christian book trade to take a look back into the history of Christian book publishing with a view to assessing current and future trends in the trade. He demonstrates a realistic approach to the challenges the trade faces with an invitation to consider the long-term spiritual aspects of a flourishing book trade, whether through traditional books or digital options.

Richard Higginson digs into the book of Ecclesiastes to discover what it might have to say about a biblical understanding of work and money. Richard concludes that whilst Ecclesiastes lacks the 'eternal dimension found elsewhere in the Bible' nevertheless it resonates profoundly with our experience of both the pleasures and challenges of this life.

Following the recent death of Margaret Thatcher, Phil Jump considers the Iron Lady's legacy in relation to business motivation and concludes that work will always be more than simply economic output.

Michael Cafferky follows up a recent article about biblical kingship to take a look at being a prophetic voice in the modern economic world. Michael encourages believers in business to discern wisely when it is time to speak out and offers some thoughts on the function and cost of being a prophet.

Finally, Carol Williams pays tribute to Anthony King who made an immense contribution to ICF over many years. We have the usual range of book reviews and Peter Heslam and Ranjeet Guptara close this issue with an optimistic profile of the economic credentials of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

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