Volume 16:2


Travel and the Gospel: The journeys of Paul and his letters
David Parish

Christian banking and the new Quaker Bank
John Lovatt

Reaping what we have sown
Phil Jump

Time travel � has big business lost its compass?
Clive Mather

Of this and Other Worlds: C.S. Lewis on business
Peter S. Heslam


The Rest of Life: Rest, Play, Eating, Studying, Sex from a Kingdom Perspective
Ben Witherington III

Entrepreneurial Leadership: finding your calling, making a difference
Richard J. Goossen & R. Paul Stevens




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In this issue David Parish comments on the itinerant life of St Paul and the impact this had on the spread of the Gospel in and around the Mediterranean, offering some ideas on how a Christian in business today might take advantage of travelling for business as boldly as did St Paul. Asking the question �what might a Christian bank look like?�, co-editor of FiBQ, John Lovatt, brings us an update on the development of the new Quaker Bank. John takes a thorough look behind the scenes at the ethical questions the Group are working through with a view to establishing the bank and its functioning within the ethical context of Scripture. Picking up the theme of travel, we are pleased to publish the 2013 Hugh Kay Lecture on the issue of �Time travel - has big business lost its compass?� Clive Mather considers how we all have a personal responsibility to uphold ethical standards in a world of emerging technologies. In his regular contribution to FiBQ, Peter Heslam reviews C. S. Lewis�s attitude towards business and discovers that it largely reflects the spirit of his age. Phil Jump, another regular contributor, considers what it means to reap what we sow in the context of reclaiming a Christian understanding of the nature and purpose of work. Having recently completed a dissertation on Christian Entrepreneurship at Ridley Hall, Kina Robertshaw is well placed to review Entrepreneurial Leadership by Richard Goossen and R. Paul Stevens. She recommends this book as an important contribution to the debate on Christians and entrepreneurship. Gordon Preece reviews The Rest of Life by Ben Witherington III. Somewhat disappointed that the book appears to be a compilation of Witherington's previous book reviews, Gordon nevertheless suggests that there is much �sanctified common sense from a Wesleyan holiness perspective.� Another reminder that readers have the option to receive FiBQ in electronic format. If you prefer to receive your copy this way, please contact John Lovatt. Wishing all our readers a blessed 2014. Do come along to the Spring Faith in Business conference if you can! We also welcome ideas and suggestions for articles and book reviews as we look forward to serving you this year.

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