Volume 9:3 Contents

Power vs Accountability
What can good Corporate Governance teach the Church?
Stephen Copp

Serenity Courage and Wisdom
Changing Competencies for Leadership
Tim Harle

Bannishing My Inner Ferret
Carl Friesen

Free Trade and Fair Trade
An Economist's View
Andrew Henley

Why Christians evaluating alternative spiritualities need a broader understanding of Christianity
David Welbourn

The Devil's Scorecard
Calvert Markham



one of the themes might be “Why are Christian organisations often so poorly run?” This was in fact discussed at a meeting of the Christians in Consultancy group at Ridley Hall earlier this year, and the findings are set out in an article by Calvert Markham.
But we begin with a thoughtful and well read article by Tim Harle, a meditation on the prayer attributed to Reinhold Niebuhr on the subject of change, in which Tim looks at change management theory in the light of such theology, and, conversely, at the churches’ attitude to change.
Church governance, or the lack of it, is the subject of an article by a specialist in governance, Stephen Copp, who brings the expertise and insights of the business world to bear on the churches’ problems.
Calvert Markham’s article is entitled ‘The Devil’s Scorecard’, and contains an intriguing scorecard of twelve characteristics of Christian and ‘other’ organisations. Check yours out!
We welcome David Welbourn, for many years editor of this journal, and of its predecessor, the ICF Quarterly Papers, who responds to a review of his book by Chris Sutherland in our Spring issue. His short piece on alternative spiritualities corrects the imbalance sometimes found in an understanding of God, where his immanent aspects and the mystical nature of humanity’s relationship with God are neglected.
From the other end of the spectrum comes another lively article from a regular Canadian contributor, Carl Friesen, about a ferret, in the best traditions of practical Christianity.
Our two letters to the editors take up and reinforce points made about difficult colleagues in the article on Caravaggio, and the problems of Fair Trade in John Lovatt’s ‘Dissenting View’.
The book reviews include Richard Murphy finding passion in an Accountancy book, Eve Poole complaining of the continuing Robin Hood attitude of the CTBI to wealth, and Keith Jillings being dissatisfied with an American book on Grace in the workplace.

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