FiBQ 21.3



We are pleased to include contributions from several younger businesspeople.
Esther Ngéthe, an accountant from Nairobi who is kindly helping with Faith in Business administration, focuses unapologetically on God. She writes movingly about how God sees and sustains us in our working lives even in the difficult circumstances of the pandemic. Ravi Gidoomal, who runs EDGE Digital Manufacturing, explains how his business focus has changed to embrace sustainability and how he helps clients choose digital technologies that ‘make things better’. Gareth Mulholland, the founder of Eden, writes with salutary honesty about the ups and downs of his business experience. We encourage all readers who buy their Christian books on the internet from Amazon to consider using Eden instead!
James Holden is a businessman of long experience and tells of an exciting initiative in the diocese of Coventry, where Bishop Christopher Cocksworth has appointed him Officer to Business Leaders – a recognition of the important role they play in community life. It is encouraging that they include many Christians and that James in turn is encouraging them.
Bitcoin has become a much-used form of currency and is hugely divisive. Some people are passionate about it, some horrified, while others are simply mystified what it is. Peter Warburton offers an expert guide, expressing grave concerns about bitcoin but arguing persuasively that it has arisen in response to a malfunctioning global financial system.
Our two regular columnists weigh in with punchy pieces. Phil Jump’s initially irritated experience of finding restaurants closed on a Cornish holiday led him to reflect positively about the significance of Sabbath and the value of rest. Peter Heslam provides a masterful coming together to his series on the purpose of business, explaining the important distinction between purpose and aim with reference to the US Women’s Open Tennis.
The manifold purposes of business also lie at the heart of Gary Cundill’s article on the fashionable concept of ESG. He offers a balanced verdict about whether this is an acronym Christians ought to embrace. E stands for Environmental, and this is an issue which simply cannot be ignored these days. We are delighted that the distinguished scientist Sir Brian Heap has written an astute review of Bill Gates’ important book How to avoid a Climate Disaster.
Finally, Richard Higginson reviews Stephen Green’s magisterial book The Human Odyssey. At a time when China and Russia are becoming increasingly estranged from the West yet all are economically intertwined, the subject of East, West and the Search for Universal Values is equally important.
Meanwhile, we are pleased to offer you Faith in Business Quarterly now in full colour, and we thank our printers for offering us this facility at a reduced cost.
Happy Reading!
The Editors