Volume 12.2 – Three Leadership Paradoxes


Three Leadership Paradoxes
by Joshua Rey

Leadership is full of paradoxes, but Christians are used to paradoxes and should be able to
embrace this. Joshua Rey here explores the three paradoxes of walking away from leadership,
wanting to lead but not wanting to be a leader, and being responsible but acting irresponsibly

Nutritious paradoxes For Christians, the idea of leadership often has a paradoxical quality. This is not to say that Christians and leadership don’t mix. It is to say that leadership, both the how and the why, are or should be  inherently puzzling for Christians. But it is also to say that in unpicking that puzzle we can learn some things about leadership and our relationship to it that should give us an edge.

It’s only fair to acknowledge at the outset that my own experience of leadership, though not insignificant, is quite  imited. And I have not always done leadership well. If the observations I make here are of value this will be to some extent because, proverbially, a lesson in folly is worth two in sense. My credentials as a leader come from careers in investment banking followed by assignments in disaster relief. In addition to my…

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