Volume 18.3 – BOOK REVIEW: The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd



Book Review David Henderson

The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd

By A J Sheppard

Unusual request. “David, can you please review a novel for FIBQ? – and, by the way, it’s two books, not one.” Once I’d confirmed that this was not ‘War & Peace’, torn in two & rewritten with a Christian business slant, I gladly agreed.

The author, A J (Andy) Sheppard, is a former McKinsey consultant who helps leaders to transform their business and manufacturing operations. His two volumes share respectively some of his business experience and his personal Christian journey. The first is a novel, ‘The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd’. (The book I read has a series of case study questions at the end of each chapter – there is also a version without these). The second is a series of personal reflections on Sheppard’s Christian journey, linked loosely to the novel using quotes from it. Sold separately, the two do not need to be read together.

I was struck by Sheppard’s very original approach, both innovative

and brave He uses the novel format to share his business experience of transformational change through the medium of a story. The novel…

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