21st Century Pioneers: Faith, Enterprise and Social Purpose


For nearly 40 years, since its inception in 1983, the Cambridge-based Jubilee Centre has brought biblical insight to bear on public life. Part think tank and part campaigning group, it developed a distinctive Christian approach to a wide range of social issues with its emphasis on quality relationships. Along the way, it collaborated from time to time with Faith in Business over shared conferences, research and publications. A year ago, the Jubilee Centre decided to sharpen its focus in terms of building a movement for good business, a fair economy and dignified work. Sadly, it was not itself in sound financial shape, and the change in focus failed to reverse the decline of its support basis. In September 2022 the Trustees decided that the Centre couldn’t continue in its current form and that its day-to-day operations should cease, all its employees being made redundant. It survives only as an online presence – continuing to apply relational thinking and biblical insight to public life – under the guidance of its distinguished founder, Michael Schluter.