Love:Work. Reflections and Prayers for a World at Work


For many, ‘love’ is not the first word that comes to mind as they reflect on their working world. However, Phil Jump and John Weaver call us to love work in response to the greatest commandment: to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind (Mt 22.37). As Chair and Vice-Chair of the Industrial Christian Fellowship (ICF) Phil and John have for many years wrestled with what it means to live out that commandment as disciples of Christ in our daily lives, lives in which for many people the greatest amount of their time is spent in some form of work. They point to the sad reality that the modern working world can feel more of a barrier to Christian discipleship than an opportunity through which to express it. The perception of work as a ‘hostile environment’ for people of faith provides a temptation for us as post-Enlightenment Christians to “live in two worlds: a private world of faith and a public world of work and daily life” (p. 9). The purpose of this book is to bring these two worlds together enabling Christians to fully live out their faith within the world of work, something the authors describe as a long-standing preoccupation for both themselves as individuals and for ICF as the organisation that they lead.