Volume 12.2 – Accountable aid not just talk


Accountable Aid – Not Just Talk
by Sheryl Haw

Sheryl Haw argues that humanitarian aid agencies ought to give dignity and respect
as well as help to victims, giving as an example the biblical injunctions in
Deuteronomy, as well as Jesus’ own ministry. However, there was until recently no
external audit systems of these qualities for aid agencies. Sheryl commends a new
system, which is being gradually adopted, the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership.
Responding from the Heart

There is a “feel good factor” when one considers giving aid – both for the financial giver and for the aid practitioner, the deliverer. Helping those in need is a fundamental part of the values of faith-based aid agencies and missions, as well as secular aid agencies and social action groups. We can all agree with humanitarianism – our  obligation not only to save lives in disaster situations but to improve the overall welfare of people. It is indeed a  noble calling and one in which many aid workers have found deep satisfaction and purpose.

Throughout the Bible poor and vulnerable people receive serious attention, revealing the very heart of God to  protect, support, bless…

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