Volume 12.2 – Book review: God at Work


What is it?
“I have found that the God who created and sustains the world is also the God of the workplace. If the Christian faith  is not relevant in the workplace, it is not relevant at all.” (p1)

Produced from the Alpha stable of resources God at Work is a course designed to be run by and for Christians in a  church or a work setting.

The published material consists of a book accompanied by a Leaders’ Guide and a Guest Manual. James Allcock has  already reviewed the book itself in FiBQ 11:1. The course has all the hallmarks of Alpha material including clarity of  purpose and  design, direct and engaging marketing and a focus on the practical application of living out faith at  work, whether paid or unpaid. The website, godatwork.org.uk, provides further information and support on running  it…

The full article is available for downloading here